Organization of Europe tours

At Forocio we are an incoming travel agency with over 20 years planning tailor made tours for groups in Europe.

Europe is known as the old continent, because of it great history. Within the borders of this continent the most popular countries for tourists from all around the world are probably: France, Italy or Germany.

European countries are characterized by a great cultural and historical wealth, as well as stunning landscapes. The great diversity of this continent will allow you to discover different languages, cultures and traditions, and enjoy the most wonderful and special corners of the world: visit the imposing Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, go back in time and visit the Coliseum in Rome , stroll through the streets in London with Big Ben in the background , cycle through the streets and along the canals of Amsterdam , and lose yourself in the romance of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Thanks to our international network we can offer customized tours in any part of Europe, from more traditional destinations such as France , Italy or Germany  to others of special interest.

Discover and explore Europe with the help of Forocio.

If you are thinking about travelling to Europe please contact us. We will help you plan your trip as so you can fully enjoy the whole experience.

Below, you’ll find a selection of the tours in Europe that are most popular with our customers. These are just some examples to spark your imagination, please send us your personal requests and we will happily design a trip for you.

Examples of Europe tours

Nordic cities and fjords tour

This tour of Stockholm, Bergen, Oslo, Copenhagen and several rural areas of the north will bring you closer to the atmosphere of the Scandinavian countries making you fall in love with each of them.


Combined tour London & Paris 9 days

Visit two of the most iconic and vibrant cities en Euope in this combined tour which explores culture, lifestyle and art. Don´t miss out th eopportunity to experience Europe at its best! 


Gothic Europe tour 8 days

Get into the cultural heritage that surrounds the Central European cities. For lovers of Gothic architecture, but also for curious and lovers of beautiful things.


Tour Medieval Europe 15 days

Discover the history of the mystery and splendor of the European Middle Ages on this tour that traverses lands of legends and castles, merchants, empires, knights and battles. This tour is aimed to discover the true heart of Europe.


Educational Italian tour 8 days

s there anything better than Italy to combine art, culture and history with the dolce vita of pizza, ice cream and sun? The best trip to celebrate the end of the academic year and visit the most emblematic monuments of Europe.


Tour Mediterranean cuisine 11 days

Hospitality students and professors or just food lovers: this tour takes you around the magical cradle of gastronomy. From Spain to Italy passing through France; prepare your apetite.


tour europe

Central Europe in a week

Visit the heart of Europe in this incredible tour around Belgium, Holland and Germany: architecture, culture, design (and good beer!) 


Italy Tour 21 days

Discover the most popular monuments of Italy, a land of art and history. Explore the beautiful cities of Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice and Milan and fall in love with this amazing country and its culture.