Organization of educational tours

At Forocio we have a wide range of experience in organizing tailor made educational tours for groups and work with the most prestigious international universities all around the world.

Educational tours provide teachers a new way to show their students the world. Thanks to these tours, students will have the opportunity to observe and visit the greatest works of art and monuments, as well as experiencing different lifestyles and languages. This way, students will be immersed in different cultures and become world citizens.

Our educational tours will allow teachers to enrich their lessons with an international focus , enabling learning through real life experiences with history, culture and nature. There is no better way to learn than travelling to the past and visiting the historical monuments and cities.

If you’re planning to take an educational trip through Spain and  Europe please contact us and we will help you plan your trip so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

Below, you’ll find a selection of the educational tours that are most frequently requested by our customers. These are just some examples to spark your imagination, please send us your personal requests and  we will happily design a trip for you.

Examples of Educative tours

Tour Hemingway´s Spain 8 days

Ernest Hemingway set foot in Spain for the first time in 1923. He arrived in Pamplona attracted by the San Fermines and it was the beginning of an idyll that would last until his death. Discover the author’s favorite places on this exclusive tour through the most literary Spain.


Tour Medieval Europe 15 days

Discover the history of the mystery and splendor of the European Middle Ages on this tour that traverses lands of legends and castles, merchants, empires, knights and battles. This tour is aimed to discover the true heart of Europe.


Educational Italian tour 8 days

s there anything better than Italy to combine art, culture and history with the dolce vita of pizza, ice cream and sun? The best trip to celebrate the end of the academic year and visit the most emblematic monuments of Europe.


Tour classic Greece 8 days

Entra en contacto con el origen de la democracia y organización del estado, con la arquitectura y la belleza del arte clásico en este tour por Grecia, perfecto para amantes o estudiantes de filosofía, historia o arquitectura.


Tour European fashion capitals 8 days

fashion student or just a fashion enthusiast? This is the perfect tour for you. From the Parisian design salons to the best ateliers in Milan, this tour visits the capitals of European fashion mixing style, culture and design.


Accounting & Finance Spain 10 days

Explore the famous sites, beautiful architecture and rich culture of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia as well as visiting several leading international companies and organisations.


Tour Wine & Beverage 16 days

With this tour you will enjoy the best routes through the wine regions of Europe. With art, history, countryside and gastronomy, from France to Spain.


Berlin Neoclassic Architecture

A trip focused on learning about some of the greatest neo-classic architecture in Europe and above all to understand the architecture, construction, housing and town planning of the 20th century on a global scale. Berlin- the museum of architecture.


Tour Mediterranean cuisine 11 days

Hospitality students and professors or just food lovers: this tour takes you around the magical cradle of gastronomy. From Spain to Italy passing through France; prepare your apetite.


Gothic Europe tour 9 days

Get into the cultural heritage that surrounds the Central European cities. For lovers of Gothic architecture, but also for curious and lovers of beautiful things.


Combined tour London & Paris 9 days

Visit two of the most iconic and vibrant cities en Euope in this combined tour which explores culture, lifestyle and art. Don´t miss out th eopportunity to experience Europe at its best!