We are at NAFSA!

We are currently at NAFSA conference in Philadelphia, the main event that brings together international representatives from the educational world. We are almost 10,000 attendees from more than 3,500 institutions and organizations from more than 100 countries

These are the main benefits of studying abroad

More and more university students decide to take a year abroad. The experience it´s about gaining knowledge from a different educational institution, but also about learning a new language, culture and way of approching life. We´ve though about the main benefits of packing your suitcase and leave youe confort zone, and these are these are the results:

New year resolutions for travelers

In addition to renewing your gym membership, quitting smoking and starting a diet if you love to travel you can also take a look at our recommendations for the dreaded 2018 resolution list!  1. Learn a language Whichever. If you have been thinking for a while about starting Spanish (or Chinese!), This is the moment.…

7 european cities to visit in winter

Who said it’s worse to travel in winter? Okay, it’s cold and it’s more uncomfortable to wear gloves and a hat than a swimsuit, but both cities and rural areas have a charm in the colder months that is worth exploring. These are our 7 favorite European cities for this winter!   1. Tallin, Estonia…